Private Lessons


(Effective 7/1/16)

30 minute private lesson
1 athlete $30
2 athletes $40
1 hour private lesson
1 athlete $60
2 athletes $70
3 athletes $90
Stunt private lesson
30 minutes
1 athlete $40

When requesting or taking a private lesson with an instructor from Cheer City United, please adhere to the following:

  • All private lessons are scheduled directly through the instructor.

  • Athletes must be a registered student with a current tumble/cheer class or school team.

  • Athletes must sign in at the front desk before the private lesson begins.

  • A current registration form must be filled out completely and turned in prior to the lesson.

  • The $30 annual registration fee must be paid to Cheer City United.

  • Payment must be made when services are rendered. Checks are to be made to the instructor. Do not make checks to Cheer City United.

  • A 24 hour notice must be given when cancelling a private lesson. If the lesson is cancelled after the 24 hour notice, payment must be given to the instructor.

  • If the instructor is a “no show” to you, the next private lesson will be free to you.